Webinar Script Form

Example: How to Create Mind-Blowing Sales Scripts that Convert Like Crazy—Even If You're Not a Writer
The date of your webinar
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Example: Copywriting Software
Describe (up to) 2 things you’re going to tell your webinar attendees how to do in your webinar
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What are the very beneficial things your prospect is going learn in the webinar? Add up to 3 things.
Example: “secret weapon” that will super-charge your sales.
List up to 6 secrets or tips you’ll be revealing in the webinar. Tip: Aim to inspire intrigue by hinting at a mystery
Example: Why it's tougher than ever before to reach prospects...and what you can do about it, OR, The #1 skill separating great coaches from their peers
Example: wasting money on XXXXX that doesn't work
Example: give your coaching career a turbo-boost
Example: how you can easily earn an extra a month — no matter what market you're in.
Now you’re going to describe 3 desires your prospect can fulfil by implementing the learning's from the webinar.